Our Mission

The purpose of this organization is to create and provide a network of communication for educators, particularly Black educators in Fairfax County, to enhance the skills and capabilities of educators for improving the quality of education for all children and students, particularly Black children and student to prove a forum for disseminating information on trends and issues concerning the education of Black children and to facilitate the resolution of commonly perceived problems.

FABSE Goals Statement: 

    • To promote and facilitate the education of all students, especially those of African descent.
    • To promote the recruitment and retention of Black educators in FCPS.
    • To establish a coalition of Black educators and others directly and indirectly involved in the education process.
    • To create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve opportunities for people of African descent.
    • To identify and develop Black professionals who will assume leadership positions in education.
    • To advocate for and influence public policy concerning the education of Black students.

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